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1 definition by Pandakazm

(1) n. Vietnamese name for a boy meaning "moral" and "good". Pronounced "dook" (Vietnamese). Pronounced "duke"(preferred), "duck" (English).

(2) n. One that inspires strength and honor.

(3) n. Deep voiced man that is well-versed in the arts of combat, music, and seduction.

(4) v. To obliterate or force into submission.
1. Duc helped the little old lady cross the street.

2. The army needs a leader. It needs a Duc.

3. He's got the fatal moves of Bruce Lee, shreds like Satriani, sounds like Morgan Freeman and Darth Vader, and is constantly surrounded by beautiful women.

4. The brooding hero duced the screaming whores and politicians into utter silence.
by Pandakazm March 30, 2009