Don't Take Me Seriously.

A better way to indicate sarcasm, because the smiley face is lame. :)
Oh, I'm sure that Dick Cheney had nothing but the citizens best interests always in mind. DTMS
by azventus October 29, 2009
Don't Tell Mum
Hey, we got a card for mum this Christmas. DTM
by CAM1234 December 05, 2012
Don't Tell Mum.

About the club that you are attending.
If you're 18 you could probably tell your mum.
John: Schoolies yo

Hugh:We'll obviously have to postpone...

Cosmo: DTM tru?
by j-star raw September 14, 2011
Do That Mufucka
Ay, Damn he fine! I'm finna DTM!
by SelfMade'PrettyPaid November 21, 2010
Short for Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschleif. A crazy-ass race where taking out your competitors seems to be just as important as finishing the actual race.(cars dont tend to finish in one piece).
Oh my god! What? A huge crash! In what? DTM. Oh. Figures.
by Schuey 1 June 08, 2009
DTM:( acronymn) Dead to Me! When a person or thing is no longer in a persons area, or when a person is all set with said person or thing, they are DTM.
I can't believe that bitch was talking shit about me....Shes DTM!
by Devon Carriere November 03, 2006
Acronym meaning Dead To Me
Andy: Dude you suck, leave me alone!
Danny: DTM
Andy: What?
Danny: You're dead to me.
by DGiz82 January 20, 2011

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