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Acronym meaning Dead To Me
Andy: Dude you suck, leave me alone!
Danny: DTM
Andy: What?
Danny: You're dead to me.
by DGiz82 January 20, 2011
Down to mung. Refers to people who are ready to mung.
Kinda weird cemetery over there...

Anybody dtm tonight?

Dude, I'm totally down to mung.
by weirdActivities April 18, 2011
"Doing too much."

1. An expression to indicate displeasure at an amount of work.

2. Indicative that someone has done more than is necessary.
(Teacher explaining a large equation on the board, completing it 10 minutes later)
Student 1: That took forever.
Student 2: That's DTM.
by Walc December 09, 2010

Basically another way to say you sleep on your belly!
Guy 1: Dude, Do you roll all over when you sleep?
Guy 2: Nope, I'm DTM all night long!
by Bloodthirsty_Viking January 15, 2011
Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft

DTM refers to the German touring car race series held in the mid-80s through mid-90s. After being disbanded in 96 the series was re-established in 2000. The original series is analogous to the current BTCC and WTCC series, whereas the newer series feature more radically modified cars.
The Schnitzer Motorsport M3s and AMG Racing 190s dominated DTM back in the day.
by MJC90 June 10, 2008
Dirty Teen Mustache. The classy look of a Mexican or otherwise young Dirtbag not shaving for about a week.
Once Paco hit puberty and forgot to start shaving, he got one hell of a DTM
by cscott March 06, 2007
Dick to mouth.

Slang for being screwed over hard, or severally owned. Worse possible case scenario.
I took a major DTM from my boss in yesterday's stand up.

Last night's snow storm DTMed our hopes of getting over the pass today.

I'm DTMing everyone in the office football pool.

Let's DTM these bastards.
by Outland December 31, 2007