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A W.O.F. (pronounced w-ah-f) is a Waste of Flesh. This refers to someone who is being completely worthless. It applies most frequently to boys of high school and college age.
"I cannot believe you did that! You are such a W.O.F. !" (best used when shouted at someone in response to a completely bonehead action)
by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006
Shorthand for Waste of Good Air. Used to describe someone who is so unintelligent that it is wasteful for them to breathe air that could be better used for an intelligent person who contirbutes something to society. This is especially useful if the intended target is too stupid to figure out what you mean.
"I heard Brad flunked out of another school." "Yea, he is such a WOGA!"
by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006
Shorthand for Dead to Me. Used in reference to an idiotic person trying to ruin your day.
Girl to her friend : "Did he call you back last night?"
Response: "No, I never heard from him... he is DTM."
by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006
Your weenis is the jiggly bit of extra skin on a bent elbow. Go ahead and pinch it! Eveyone has it, even chicks!
Walk up to complete strangers in public and say, "Excuse me gentlemen, but can I touch your weenis, please?" Then get then to stand like they are being frisked, with a puzzled look on their faces, to the amusement of your friends. Beware of asking Old Balls guys, as the weenis tends to sag in old age.
by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006

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