Dirty Teen Mustache. The classy look of a Mexican or otherwise young Dirtbag not shaving for about a week.
Once Paco hit puberty and forgot to start shaving, he got one hell of a DTM
by cscott March 06, 2007
Dick to mouth.

Slang for being screwed over hard, or severally owned. Worse possible case scenario.
I took a major DTM from my boss in yesterday's stand up.

Last night's snow storm DTMed our hopes of getting over the pass today.

I'm DTMing everyone in the office football pool.

Let's DTM these bastards.
by Outland December 31, 2007
Dan The Man. An angry guido from Westchester county N.Y. DTM’s can be recognized by their greasy Guido hair, black jettas, and anger problems. Often they pluck their eyebrows and go tanning.
Did you see that DTM in that Jetta fist pumping to techno.
by tunasalad May 13, 2007
Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters

Refers to German made automobiles and market. Commonly used acronym in the street racing scene vs. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)
That BMW M3 is DTM! Performance is so much more better than that Acura.
by Eric March 02, 2005
Don't talk, mom
means that your parent(s) is/are around and you're talking about
-how gay your parents are
and you dont want your parents to read
person 1: hey dude have you smoked that purple i gave you???
person 2: DTM
person 1 shuts up
by mike iz cool July 16, 2008
Shorthand for Dead to Me. Used in reference to an idiotic person trying to ruin your day.
Girl to her friend : "Did he call you back last night?"
Response: "No, I never heard from him... he is DTM."
by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006
Down To McDonalds.

The origins of this word actually come from a late night McDonalds trip by 4 friends in the spring of 2008, at Central Michigan University. 3 members of the Fall 07 class of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, and 1 member of the Fall 07 class of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity were the first to ever attend a "DTM".

Not long after the movie Superbad was released, these 4 individuals had taken a liking to the phrase "DTF", also known as Down to F*ck. They then modified the phrase DTF to incorporate their late night McDonalds trip, hence the name "DTM".
Wow i'm starving...


Yea, I could really go for some nuggs right about now.
by The DTM Founders March 20, 2009

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