Down to masturbate
She's not dtf, but she's definitely dtm!
by henkov123 March 27, 2012
Down to meetup
Hey girl on tinder, dtm?
by Smittytricks January 05, 2014
DTM means "Don't tell Mom!" A quick way to remind siblings that what you are sharing isn't for Mom to hear. DTM is most often by teenagers as well as adults to conceal activities or feelings from the likely disapproval of Mom. Easy to add at the end of a text and gets the message across.
Karen: "Mom wants me to go antique shopping all day in Sonoma. I'm on the fence. I'd go but only if you go... oh and DTM"
Beth: "Ya, I'm not gonna go. I'm telling Mom I'm sick! DTM either!"
by Fun&Nice January 24, 2015
An acronym that stands for "Don't Touch My Shit*
Brooklyne: DTMS

Sister: Cool story bro

Brooklyne: Wow, you took that from me aswell

Sister: Cool beans

Brooklyne: DTMS
by annoyed-sister March 10, 2011
Down to make sandwiches, the sole purpose for women being on this earth.

I wish more girls were dtms
Nick: "Dude, Sarah's sooooo dank!"

George: "Yeah dude, and she's totally dtms..."

Nick: "Siiiiiiiick!!!!"
by Lozza7 March 31, 2010
Dyed to Match
Used in fashion, to connotate that accessories were dyed to match an outfit.
"The mother of the bride's outfit was totally DTM. How tacky"
by VOLTUPS November 06, 2014
Don't Take Me Seriously.

A better way to indicate sarcasm, because the smiley face is lame. :)
Oh, I'm sure that Dick Cheney had nothing but the citizens best interests always in mind. DTMS
by azventus October 29, 2009

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