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Short for Dead Man Walking. Someone about to be fired or indicted.
As Karl walked down the hallway, all the staff commented on the shiny skin of the albino DMW.
by Lawyerbot November 16, 2005
dick money weed.

the female version "pussy, money, weed", the three things a man needs in his life.
oh yes i love him like dmw dick money weed.
by biiiatch January 28, 2008
easiest anti-cheat to hack ever, hack the client 2 win.
James hex edits dmwclient.exe
by J-Ma(\/ April 01, 2005
Accronym. stands for Dirty Man Whore.
i bet you 20 bucks that guy was a DMW

Woah, did you see that guy? He looked like a DMW
by Naame August 10, 2010
Referring to the term, Dead Man Walking: a person who goes into a business deal with the intent to deceive and/or has no intention of contributing to the process for which they expect to be paid for his or her existence to the project.

Following are examples of a phrase where DMW is used.
1. The guy is a DMW.
2. I hope he is not a DMW.
3. Hopefully the DMW's will stay away.
by Mr Business Golf January 07, 2008
Dumbass Mexican Wetback
That DMW didn't understand what i was trying to tell him today!
by ranjan October 10, 2013
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