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Money given to a person by one's mom too get laid.
Becky gives her son monthly allowance too get laid. This is called Dick money
by Qdino April 25, 2014
(n.) A type of currency associated with a man's genitalia. It can be used instead of cash, change, debit cards, credit cards, checks or money orders. Only accepted at certain locations; examples include but are not limited to The Gap, Denny's, Turtle Bay Tavern NYC, Plan Parenthood. Dick Money is typically created after a woman performs oral sex on a man - turning his dick into a commodity of wealth.
Sal: Hey, you wanna go out tonight?
Austin: Nah man I'm broke.
Sal: Just have some bitch suck your dick.
Austin: Hell yeah...I'm gonna get me that dick money.
by kdubs1021 May 16, 2011
Money that is ascertained through any situation that involved the use of a man's penis.
bro 1: yo, it's fall break, you comin' out tonight?
bro 2: nah man, I'm hella broke.
bro 1: prostitution appears to be the quickest solution, sir. You have 5 hours to be at the bar. Go!
bro 2: 'Bout to get that dick money!
by hoffmaja October 11, 2011

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