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1) Noun, Canned 'interested in' selection box that one checks when filling out their webpage. Chances are, if you feel the need to have a page, you do not have the means (i.e. capital) to actually execute such a deal. I'm sure your company CEO is surfing the page....NOT. People who would select this term on their page probably are dental dicks. Instead of doing their job, such people often spend their entire time at work looking for yet another job.

2) Noun, Leaving your cubicle to take a dump at approximately 10:30AM local time while you are at work.
1) Mr. Scott's page says he's interested in business deals. Too bad he'll be a low-level manager supervising dental dicks his entire time at this company.

2) Oh man, I shouldn't have had Thai food last night. I'll be in my 'other office' executing a large business deal if you need to find me!
by Mr. Wichita International June 14, 2009
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