when girls have 'gossiping sessions' stands for deep and meaningful
omg! susy, i need to have a dm with you billy just asked me out!
by o[digs March 16, 2012
To "DM" somebody u direct message them .
I'm going to "DM" u so we can talk in private .
by Ella cadette February 16, 2015
Drum Major, or leader of a marching band who has all power, just under the director. Be their friend, or you will have a miserable time marching.
"The D.M. needs to lighten up, we are tired"
"We need the work"
by Flute-Guard June 27, 2014
Dick Murder- a dance that is performed in a club when a guy thrusts his junk into a girl's booty.
I'm about to DM this chick in the club
by rockbottom8 March 31, 2015
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