dear mother
My DM is getting older every day.
by t56yp February 12, 2012
when girls have 'gossiping sessions' stands for deep and meaningful
omg! susy, i need to have a dm with you billy just asked me out!
by o[digs March 16, 2012
Drum Major, or leader of a marching band who has all power, just under the director. Be their friend, or you will have a miserable time marching.
"The D.M. needs to lighten up, we are tired"
"We need the work"
by Flute-Guard June 27, 2014
Something that pussies do when they can't ask for someone else's number
"Oh my god, I couldn't work up the courage to ask her for her number, so I sent her a DM!"
by I'm a cool guy March 19, 2015
Dick Murder- to destroy a task with authority.
I'm about to DM this task!
by rockbottom8 March 31, 2015
Dick Murder- a dance that is performed in a club when a guy thrusts his junk into a girl's booty.
I'm about to DM this chick in the club
by rockbottom8 March 31, 2015
DM stands for Designated Man. This is one of those bros who goes to the gym and tries to lift more weight than he can, attempts to pick-up and impress girls at all times, and do anything humanely possible to boost his self-ego. This type of guy is a huge tool yet because of the extreme "bro" antics, he can be quite funny.
Wow, Evan, did you just see that DM? He was just flexing his bicep to that girl he passed walking across Pearl St.
by Bchard November 25, 2013

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