Dungeons and Dragons

-Dungeon Master

The Dungeon Master lays out your quest and keeps the game alive. Usually has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for more than half a year or so.

WoW(World of Warcraft)


Probably the first instance any alliance player will go through. Contains iffy and somewhat decent gear for players who are around levels 12-30.
ex 1]
Person 1: darn, I really wish we had a DM.
Mysterious person: I...will be your Dungeon Master.

ex 2]
Person 1: hey guys, lets do DM.
Person 2: kool, ive been waiting for that!
by Yippie4you February 09, 2009
Acronym for 'Direct Mail', a media which used to posting goods infomation especially promotional products the store provided. Usually a piece of paper or more, featuring effectivity and celerity.
It says the 32' LCD TV only costs $499.9 today on the DM, I am so gonna get one.
by Kyle J. Shi November 24, 2007
Drummania: konam's famous Drum session series.
"lets play some DM!"
"I rule at Drum mania"
by Grant Siegel October 08, 2004
Dance Mania; game that is too good
Lets go and play DM together
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
Revelstoke Term for people who are über drunk. Short hand version for Drunk Mess.

Someone who has had way to much to drink, usually resulting in puking, passin out, or hookin up wit someone.

(copyrighted by USC)
Davanna your such a drunk mess.

DM!!!Haha last night you were so wasted

Your such a drunk mess, you hooked up with |insert name|
by kokjawz April 06, 2004
Originally "Docs Management" - known in the IT field as "Docs Mangler". Application designed to share and store documents that does nothing but screw up the computer and irritate users.
"My DM crashed and I can't get into my documents."

"DM lost my default profile."

"I saved a document into DM and all my changes are gone!"

"If you guys don't uninstall this F*#ing piece of Shizzle DM I'm gonna fricking kill someone!"

Sometimes used as a derogatory verb:

"Damn my PC just DM'ed!!!!"
by George August 14, 2003
Dire Maul in World of Warcraft. New players may think it is also Deadmines, which is known as VC to more experienced players.
Need a priest for DM
by HalifaxGurly April 09, 2007

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