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12 definitions by Allora

A shortened version of the word bisexual.
Bisexuals have twice as much fun.
by Allora December 02, 2003
1203 322
1. An indivudual who dresses excentrically to a dance club that plays fast paced electronic music.

2. An individual that is heavily part of a dance club scene.
Bob was a club kid; he would paint himself blue and wear a kite as a hat to the club.
by Allora December 02, 2003
100 38
Extra sensory perception that allows one to immediatey know who is a homosexual.
Origin: The combination of the words "gay" and "radar".
Harry set off my gay-dar.
by Allora December 02, 2003
63 13
A individual who is unfriendly and/or commits harmful acts to group of people or an individual due to prejudice and/or ignorance.
Bashers should be shot on sight.
by Allora December 02, 2003
74 44
An individual who secretly has interest in the Gothic genre.
Bob wears an ankh, he may be a closet-goth.
by Allora December 02, 2003
36 7
A Gothic whos style of dressing has a futuristic appeal.
Dan came to the club in a gas mask and black vynal outfit with tubes hanging off his arms.
by Allora December 02, 2003
38 14
A person that is new to the Gothic scene and is unfamiliar with the Gothic culture.
In her caked on white clown make-up and Hot Topic dress, it was obvious that Jennifer was a baby-bat.
by Allora December 02, 2003
30 16