D.M. is Dinosaur Mentality--living without regard to other people.
So this chick barged in on my friend while she was using the toilet. All the other stalls were free! That is some D.M. right there.

Or when people sit down on the stairs, or stand in the doorway.

Or don't move into crowded subway trains and buses. Or park in 2 spaces.

Or have really bad body odor. Or bad breath. Or have ashy skin.

Or do anything that could be offensive to the general population.
by Tisha Happy September 08, 2008
"Do-able Mom." Basically, a woman with children who has managed to retain a high level of sex appeal. Synonymous to the more well-known "MILF."
"Wow! Check out the rack on that D.M."
by J. Taco April 28, 2003
Dungeons and Dragons

-Dungeon Master

The Dungeon Master lays out your quest and keeps the game alive. Usually has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for more than half a year or so.

WoW(World of Warcraft)


Probably the first instance any alliance player will go through. Contains iffy and somewhat decent gear for players who are around levels 12-30.
ex 1]
Person 1: darn, I really wish we had a DM.
Mysterious person: I...will be your Dungeon Master.

ex 2]
Person 1: hey guys, lets do DM.
Person 2: kool, ive been waiting for that!
by Yippie4you February 09, 2009
Death Match
In and RPG, to randomly kill someone for no reason at all, or to DM.
by David_Lane July 17, 2009
Dance Mania; game that is too good
Lets go and play DM together
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
abbreviated form of "dick mouth" sometimes used as to prevent the surrounding audience of fully comprehending the insult (teachers, parents, etc).
The substitute teacher is such a DM!
by oak156 June 26, 2009
District Manager
Oh shit, the DM is coming.
by 2-Dz September 14, 2008

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