Something that pussies do when they can't ask for someone else's number
"Oh my god, I couldn't work up the courage to ask her for her number, so I sent her a DM!"
by I'm a cool guy March 19, 2015
DM stands for Designated Man. This is one of those bros who goes to the gym and tries to lift more weight than he can, attempts to pick-up and impress girls at all times, and do anything humanely possible to boost his self-ego. This type of guy is a huge tool yet because of the extreme "bro" antics, he can be quite funny.
Wow, Evan, did you just see that DM? He was just flexing his bicep to that girl he passed walking across Pearl St.
by Bchard November 25, 2013
A sexual position where you put both legs behind your head.
I hit it hard while she was doing the DM.
by minsms February 08, 2008
Despite what everyone thinks this abbreviation means it actually means "Dick Move".
you called his mom a slut?? that's a D.M.!
by Sunny-D42 November 11, 2006
initials for drunk or drunken mistake; an ugly person you had sex with when you were drunk
"Bro I can't believe I hit that shit last night. I took one for the team, she was definitely a D.M."
taking one for the team
by swiss February 14, 2005
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