Dirt Merchant - Someone who is not financially required to shop at stores like the Salvation Army but do so for they're financial (ebay) or personal benift
Pekar - buying video games at a Sal Army and then selling them online or turning them in for credit at unsuspecting resellers
by oulaxer11 August 16, 2005
A beard. As in "Dennis Miller".
"That fellow's DM is pretty thick."
by John March 03, 2005
Revelstoke Term for people who are über drunk. Short hand version for Drunk Mess.

Someone who has had way to much to drink, usually resulting in puking, passin out, or hookin up wit someone.

(copyrighted by USC)
Davanna your such a drunk mess.

DM!!!Haha last night you were so wasted

Your such a drunk mess, you hooked up with |insert name|
by kokjawz April 06, 2004
Dildo Master. Plan and Simple. Need I say more? Exactly.
D-Master: dude.. my girlfriend broke up with me... she said i was being an asshole.

Smart Guy: actually.. no your wrong. if you were an asshole you would still be together with her right now. you were just being yourself, DM.
by Alpha Male Taz January 30, 2011
DM = Dominant Male.
Usually likes to take charge and lead situations. Saves defenseless girls from oncoming traffic, bushes, curbs and other obsticles. Is usually descisive.
She was lucky she had DM with her otherwise she may have fallen right over that shrub into oncoming traffic.
by DF March 31, 2005
Drummania: konam's famous Drum session series.
"lets play some DM!"
"I rule at Drum mania"
by Grant Siegel October 08, 2004
Cold blooded psychopathic individual that likes to stalk people and rape them in their sleep,especially if your named Spindleshanx. He also has a fetish that involves small furry animals and boiling hot water.
Once DM has you in his sights,locking the door and filling the keyhole with selly's all gap wont even stop him.
by Frightened mouse June 12, 2004

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