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Cold blooded psychopathic individual that likes to stalk people and rape them in their sleep,especially if your named Spindleshanx. He also has a fetish that involves small furry animals and boiling hot water.
Once DM has you in his sights,locking the door and filling the keyhole with selly's all gap wont even stop him.
by Frightened mouse June 12, 2004
11 36
Revelstoke Term for people who are über drunk. Short hand version for Drunk Mess.

Someone who has had way to much to drink, usually resulting in puking, passin out, or hookin up wit someone.

(copyrighted by USC)
Davanna your such a drunk mess.

DM!!!Haha last night you were so wasted

Your such a drunk mess, you hooked up with |insert name|
by kokjawz April 06, 2004
13 38
Dildo Master. Plan and Simple. Need I say more? Exactly.
D-Master: dude.. my girlfriend broke up with me... she said i was being an asshole.

Smart Guy: actually.. no your wrong. if you were an asshole you would still be together with her right now. you were just being yourself, DM.
by Alpha Male Taz January 30, 2011
6 32
a roasting on someone, usually to insult or make the person feel like shit. Also to bring up the past or events that remind them of someone.
You fucked that whale?
dude, DM
by iaswean March 14, 2010
1 27
1)abbreviated term for Dumbass

1b)ussually used to cloak the term dumbass from figures of authority
1) Dude 1:Marco gave his e-mail in an internet chat.
Dude 2: That DM

2) The librarian said she would stab me if I called him a dumbass, I called him a DM instead
by Mongoosegangsta February 27, 2010
15 41
Drummania: konam's famous Drum session series.
"lets play some DM!"
"I rule at Drum mania"
by Grant Siegel October 08, 2004
1 28
The leet COD Coder; xBot/FuRy maker. OpenGL coder
omfg dM your hacks rule!
by dM May 25, 2004
2 30