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Dirty Filthy Dog. Someone who you would shake your head at, for their attitude or actions they are committing. This is almost always used in referrence to the person you are speaking to specifically, or when trash talking someone else.
Thing 1: Wow, I was trying to tie my shoe but some guy came up behind me and gave me an atomic wedgie.
Thing 2: Dang man, what a DFD.
by jeremice March 23, 2010
Duh Fucking Duh. A phrase used to state that the comment is obvious.
Teo: Hey are you coming to see the spiderman movie?
Jessica: Is spiderman in the movie?
Teo: DFD!! He's obviously in the movie if it's called spiderman
by Teo-God of Thunder November 02, 2011
Dumb Fuck Disorder. A state in which someone is so fucken dumb, it becomes seen as a disorder in the modern society. It is rather contagious and should be treated immediately by a medical professional.
Boy 1: dude i got a dildo shoved up my ass and it got stuck.

Boy 2: y would you even do that? you have dfd man, go get it checked out by ur doc.
by realdawg70 March 18, 2014
Down for the day. Anyone waiting in the line on the main road of Breezy waiting for a token to get through the gate. Anyone who goes to the beach with shoes and black socks on. Anyone who has to stop and ask directions to Kennedy's. Anyone who parks in a sand lane. Anyone who thinks that Security is really the Police. Anyone who needs a map to get from The Sugar Bowl to The Blarney.
That guy is definately DFD, he's carrying his cooler instead of using a wagon.
by meggiekool September 15, 2009
the term is used to mean "desperate for dick". commonly used to describe those girls on Facebook always posting about how lonely they are and for guys to 'hit them up'.
Facebook girl:"i guess im going to the movies alone.. someone Hmu?"
girl#1:"did you see that girl's post about how 'lonely' she is."
girl#2:"Damn. that's pathetic. She's So DFD"
by Zee Ruthledge December 03, 2011
Down for dessert
I'm soooooo dfd right now. I could really go for ice cream
by dessert man August 25, 2012
after a long night of drinking booze with your friends and no where else is open, you'll always be "down for dennys".
dfd?, hell yeah im wasteddd lets go!
by mr jdub November 24, 2010

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