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Dirty Filthy Dog. Someone who you would shake your head at, for their attitude or actions they are committing. This is almost always used in referrence to the person you are speaking to specifically, or when trash talking someone else.
Thing 1: Wow, I was trying to tie my shoe but some guy came up behind me and gave me an atomic wedgie.
Thing 2: Dang man, what a DFD.
by jeremice March 23, 2010
something that exceeds normal words to describe it. it is more epic than sick, sicknasty, sickgnar, tight, and other adjectives.

may refer to snowboarding
Dude 1: Dude i can't believe it's snowed 420 inches in the last week! We're gonna have some sickgnarsty snowboarding this weekend!

Dude 2: Like a boss.
by jeremice March 08, 2011

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