The. But all the wannabe gangsters say "da" instead.
"I live on da west side of town"
by Toughers August 04, 2006
Dark Ages, MMORPG created originally in Korea (known as Legend of Darkness) modified for US audiences in 1998.
You still addicted to DA?
by SuperficialBob April 23, 2005
Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT used as slang for "the", nor is it the Russian word for 'yes'.
Instead, it means gracious, patient, and kind-hearted individual capable of marvellous things.
"What a Da"
by Demon Queen October 29, 2011
DA one brought down a german fighter jet by pointing at it and saying "bang". he is a living legend and the master of nunchuks.his earrings hold the power of the sun and the moon and he has the ability to walk on water. there was no theory of evolution, just DA playing with nature. The DA facts apply to chuck norris and chuck norris is a pussy rip off of DA.
YO! watchout! its DA!!!
by Brooklyn_9 May 01, 2009
A hood way of saying 'Yes.' / 'Word.'
Dogg: "I want a cheese-burger..."
Hombre: "DA!"
by Singa Sanga September 01, 2008
Demobilizing assitor FOR military!
HI, I'll be your DA for this Unit of Demobiling
by Rebekah h... December 10, 2007
A term used in debate, short for Disadvantage.
We killed the DADT AFF on the Politics DA.
by austin is a db8r July 31, 2006

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