Short for "Drunk Anxiety", the anxiety you feel after a night of drinking because of things you may have done or said. Usually, you feel like the sky might fall on your head and you feel the need to be productive, lest you spontaneously combust. Often involves calling friends repeatedly the morning after to comfort yourself by hearing their D.A. as well. If they don't answer, this takes your D.A. to a new level.
Prononced "Dee Ehh"
"I got crunk last night with my co-workers, and today I have the worst D.A."

"I called my ex at 4am to let him know I still think about him...the D.A. is setting in today"

"I am so hungover, the D.A. is killing me"
by bman777 March 04, 2009
A hood way of saying 'Yes.' / 'Word.'
Dogg: "I want a cheese-burger..."
Hombre: "DA!"
by Singa Sanga September 01, 2008
Demobilizing assitor FOR military!
HI, I'll be your DA for this Unit of Demobiling
by Rebekah h... December 10, 2007
Double anal; being doubly penetrated anally; two or more people having anal intercourse together
Jack fucked Joy in the ass, while Tyson fucked Jack-- God, I love DA !
by Slymestra October 25, 2007
A term used in debate, short for Disadvantage.
We killed the DADT AFF on the Politics DA.
by austin is a db8r July 31, 2006
District Attorney
I didn't have any money, so I had to pay my DA with blow jobs.
by toeknee July 01, 2003
Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT used as slang for "the", nor is it the Russian word for 'yes'.
Instead, it means gracious, patient, and kind-hearted individual capable of marvellous things.
"What a Da"
by Demon Queen October 29, 2011

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