short for Dumb Ass!
Bill Kiewiet is such a fucking DA, he is wearing white "nike's" again.
by tworedcoats January 21, 2011
Dumbass Syndrome.
Guy 1:We should get that guy a shirt with D.A.S printed on it!
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: He obviously has a severe case of D.A.S
by Whaleface March 23, 2010
Short for Dumbass. Pronounced d-a, not da
He's such a DA.
by lcubed February 09, 2009
Someone who gets on your nerves because they do stupid stuff all the time and don't know when to stop.
He is such a D.A. when he picks on him all the time about the same stuff.
by Stevey W January 26, 2009
As in you DA
short for dumbass
Good job DA, Your such a DA
by Marked Man November 13, 2007
Dumbass, characterized by stupidity, retardedness, and how much of a smartass they are =]
as in:
"wow dude, your such a da."
by Maxx;baby August 17, 2007
The. But all the wannabe gangsters say "da" instead.
"I live on da west side of town"
by Toughers August 04, 2006

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