Dick Action: a form of dance and movement in which performers pretend to play guitar riffs with their penis.
Whoa, Jamie, so much DA
by RachelShee June 26, 2011
someone who thinks they know what they're doing but doesn't. a real tool. they love that they're a da, you'll see a huge smile from them when you say, "your a da."
that kid is a huge da
by regman17 April 18, 2011
short for Dumb Ass!
Bill Kiewiet is such a fucking DA, he is wearing white "nike's" again.
by tworedcoats January 21, 2011
Drugs-Allowed or Available
Ex 1
Person 1: "Yooo Jordyn is having a party..D-A!"

Person 2: "Really man? I'm so there! It's gonna be mad fun and everyone will be Shwasted"

Ex 2
Person 1: "Come to my house"
Person 2: "D-A?"
Person 1: "Not this time"
Person 2: "Then no."
by herrrrr:) November 12, 2010
Dumbass Syndrome.
Guy 1:We should get that guy a shirt with D.A.S printed on it!
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: He obviously has a severe case of D.A.S
by Whaleface March 23, 2010
Someone who gets on your nerves because they do stupid stuff all the time and don't know when to stop.
He is such a D.A. when he picks on him all the time about the same stuff.
by Stevey W January 26, 2009
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