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2 definitions by monkeydiapers

a very versatile word, in most cases used to replace "that" "this" "there" "those" "them" "it" "her" "him" or virtually any noun. rising in popularity, "das" will soon uncover its true effectiveness once people are tired of using pointless nouns that place objects in generalized groups. see (Nas) > n: ahs
1) joe: what is das?

2) bob: an adapter plate for a threaded headset.

1) Joe: the fucking traffic!!

2) bob: I know, i think it is das subway car blocking the thruway
by monkeydiapers May 01, 2010
when either someone

1) eats all the ice- cream in your fridge in under 2 minutes
2) is hideously late for an appointment or meeting time

3) unconciously mooches away your money and/ or possesions
tim: wheres charles? hes supposed to be here 3 hours ago?!?

tom: he decided to pull a dani. lets start without him.
by monkeydiapers May 01, 2010