acronym for dumbass
Jon: Bobby is so stupid.

Me: I know he's a fucking DA.
by donny775 June 19, 2010
Deep America: Any location in the U.S. that meets the following criteria...

Ratio of College Degree/Arm Band Tatoos under 23%

Ratio of McLovin-stolen girl jeans/Misc Bottle Service credit card charges under 17%

Ratio of Garden Snakin/Restaurant Face-F**king under 32%

Ratio of Ribs Broken/Planes Missed above 82%
"I never thought I'd be on a Booaaaaat," replaced, "I never thought I'd be in D.Aaaaa., this D.A. is REAAAAAL..."
by BigTG July 28, 2009
As far as the USDM (United States Domestic Market) is concerned, it defines Acura Integra models from 1986 to 1993, with the exceptions of the Generation 2 (1990-1993) sedan (DB1) and 1992-1993 GS-R hatchback (DB2.)

DA1 = G1 5-door hatch
DA3 = G1 3-door hatch
DA9 = G2 3-door hatch
person1: Look, it's a DA GS-R!
person2: That's a DB2.
by b18ch1ck January 07, 2008
Expressing contempt for the obvious or the stupid.
Da!...Don't we always go this way?
Da!...That was a dumb thing to say.
Varations: daa, dah, doy, a-da, a-doy, da-ah

These varations were all very popular in the 70's. "Da", with a short "a", was originally pronounced in a brief, crisp, insulting manner. The more recent "Valley" pronounciation, "Da-ah", beginning sometime in the 80's draws out the short "a" into almost questioning tone.
by Douglas Boldt July 20, 2005
When people are lazy to type the word ''The''
Rosie:Oh hey there
When a person is stupid, dumb, and careless. (abv. for dumbass).
Brian sure is a DA for setting himself and the house on fire.
by BeauB July 27, 2015
Doaholics Anonymous: A program for PAs no longer at camp. It serves as a support group to help it's members overcome their unhealthy desire to actually do something. If you have a constant feeling that you should be doing something right now instead of relaxing you are probably a doaholic and should consider joining a DA program.
Man, the DA has really changed me. It used to be I couldn't catch a moment's rest or my mind would wander to how I could run check-in better.
by PA Program August 01, 2014
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