acronym for dumbass
Jon: Bobby is so stupid.

Me: I know he's a fucking DA.
by donny775 June 19, 2010
Dumbass Syndrome.
Guy 1:We should get that guy a shirt with D.A.S printed on it!
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: He obviously has a severe case of D.A.S
by Whaleface March 23, 2010
Short for Dumbass. Pronounced d-a, not da
He's such a DA.
by lcubed February 09, 2009
As in you DA
short for dumbass
Good job DA, Your such a DA
by Marked Man November 13, 2007
A word used as a general term for one's friend in India (mainly Bangalore), analogous to "dawg". From the Tamil. Sometimes prnounced "duh" by more urbanized south Indians.
Wassup, da?

Da, I could hump that chick right now...

Fuck you Da
by SolipsisMan May 02, 2005
When your in public with a guy (or girl?) and you see a chick with a nice ass you just say "DA" and everybody knows to start looking for "Dat ass" hence the "DA". done best with dark or mirrored sunglasses that cover all of your eyes.
Bob: dude..."DA"

Bill: where?

Bob: there!

Bill: Woah...

Bob: yeah...
by dhanson94 July 08, 2011
someone who thinks they know what they're doing but doesn't. a real tool. they love that they're a da, you'll see a huge smile from them when you say, "your a da."
that kid is a huge da
by regman17 April 18, 2011

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