short for Dumbledore's Army, as made up by Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Cho: When's the next DA meeting?
Hermione:Check your enchanted Galleon you crybaby moron!
by bjmart June 29, 2005
Dark Ages, MMORPG created originally in Korea (known as Legend of Darkness) modified for US audiences in 1998.
You still addicted to DA?
by SuperficialBob April 23, 2005
Short for "Ducks Ass".
Hairstyle for cool guys back in the 50's.
Required long hair that was combed back on both sides, then using the comb to create a narrow crack down the center/back of the head.
Hey Daddy-O .. Cool DA you got there.
by Jimrodel D'Gnollbel December 05, 2004
1. The
2.District Attorney
3.Russian slang for "there"
4. Divine Art
1. Lets get back to da house.
2. My homie Broseph is in and out of court for possesion of narcotics and unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon. So, me and big 'Maal are about to show that fuckin DA how my strap works.
3. Wer ist das da drüber? (Who is that over there?)
4. You can see my pictures on DA at my website.
by ii4mpedv3 January 18, 2012
def.- abbreviated acronym for designated asshole; term used to describe someone or something (believed or try to convince oneself and others ) to be a chosen superior due to "has been" thoughts of grandeur.
ex. "In a fight, my boy took my car battery from under the hood and held it hostaged as his way of letting me know I wasn't going any where?!

" So now what?!" he boasted
" What? Who in the fuck do you think you are huh?"
" Im your Dad!" he smirked
" Yeah. You're a D.A.D. alright; Designated Asshole of the Day!! GO UNFUCK YOURSELF!!!"
by chestnut sprinkles November 10, 2009
A synonym for a good or close friend. Used only when talking directly to someone not indirectly about someone. Used somewhat as a subjective pronoun.
B: yooo da what up?
M: im chillin da how about you?
B: not much da not much

not correct:
B: yo you see that da over there?
M: no, thats not how you use "da", da
by mxfd June 14, 2009
A Development Application (Australia). A DA is a request for permission to carry out proposed development.
Read the DA checklist before you lodge
your DA!
by MonteZuma July 20, 2004
DA one brought down a german fighter jet by pointing at it and saying "bang". he is a living legend and the master of nunchuks.his earrings hold the power of the sun and the moon and he has the ability to walk on water. there was no theory of evolution, just DA playing with nature. The DA facts apply to chuck norris and chuck norris is a pussy rip off of DA.
YO! watchout! its DA!!!
by Brooklyn_9 May 01, 2009

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