to make your rhymes hard to decypher by using smarter words that aren't easy to figure out before you've said them
yo i just finished off your line, it rhymed to easy, just cypher it a little more kid
by dark soul June 30, 2003
This term originated from the halls of Sir Winston Churchill. This term is what males and females use to refer to a guy who is stoned 24/7 and fucked up his life. He tries to pick up hot chicks at school but always gets rejected
John: Damn, whose that kid, he looks high
Chris: Haha, that's Cypher

John: Hey, what's he doing
Chris: He's being a Cypher
by Cyphergotrejected April 25, 2011
A dirt bag that smells bad
thats dude is a cyphers
by THATSMYNAME May 31, 2008
a circle in which gang members form to conduct meetings and or sometimes to do drugs such as weed.
form a cypher to start the meeting. Decypher the popo are coming.
by Baby9 November 25, 2005
Rappin', flowin'
You're cought in a cypher but you ain't rippin flow, you're cut up from chest to navel.

Back when motherfuckers were staight backpackin' cyphering...
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
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