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A simple game, to be played in an urban environment for the best results.

1. Spot an emo kid for 1 point,there are many kinds folks ex. dressy-emo, nerd-emo, goth-emo, punk-emo, rockstar-emo, poser-emo, retro-emo, hippy-emo,fag-emo etc.

2. 1 bonus point is awarded if the above spotted emo kid is wearing brand name affiliated clothin (sorry...globus doesn't count)

3. 3 bonus points are awarded if you can identify the persons unique dehabilitating emo condition ex. whiny-made_fun_of_in_high_school-dye_my_hair_black_cause_its_blond-emo or slick_(4'11" 100p)-tough_guy-vegan-leather_jacket_wearin-fonz-lookalike-soy_latte_drinkin-emo

4. The only way you win this game is if you spot an emo kid wearing a beaver skin hat (sorry folks...those are the rules)
Victoria is a good place to play finding emo because people enjoy expressing themselves...especially because its the in thing.
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
euphemism of cocaine
lets go back to my crib and rail the white lady
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
When smoking marijuana, the first hit off the pipe is the green hit.
Pass that shit to the left hand side, its my turn to take the green hit!
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
Slang for "tunes" used by people actually "in the Know" about the music they're talkin' about
These are some ill gangsta chunes homey
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
The process of tapping into your subconcious. A state of mind where thoughts and actoins flow from your mind rather than being instrumented.
Clearly shown in freestyle/beatbox circles and breakdancing.
lets get some kids togeather and tap the cypher
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
dangerously good, illicit, usually used to describe drugs chunes or booty
that bitches ass was on the ill-type!
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
An all night dance party. Also the slang used by undereducated people to describe "techno" music. A rave can be anything from you and your friends partying all night to 30,000 people ravin' it up inside the arena. Theres ususally some sort of drugs or booze involved and it isn't a rave if theres no beat.
ex.1 I went to this rave and it was mint.

ex2. Last night I raved it up at my friends apartment.
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003

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