the number 0, a circle or hole
lets go get some culture cyphers

I want in that cypher over there
by Brutus October 17, 2003
A UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) developed by Sikorsky. It basically consists of a donut-shaped engine (with rotary blades) with a little camera attached a few feet above it. The Cypher project has really been a black project and will probably continue to be for a while, but its tests have gone quite well. The Cypher can be remote-controlled, or even automated. The images captured by Cypher's camera are relayed to a computer that is managed by a distant specialist, and perhaps various options can be accessed from that laptop, such as NV or IR vision.

Although there are many other UAV drones that have already been deployed into the legitimate battlefield, the Cypher should still be an excellent tool for reconaissance.
"The Cypher was popularized in Metal Gear Solid 2. But let's see how much more popular it becomes in real-life."
by Dave June 19, 2004
A dirt bag that smells bad
thats dude is a cyphers
by THATSMYNAME May 31, 2008
a circle in which gang members form to conduct meetings and or sometimes to do drugs such as weed.
form a cypher to start the meeting. Decypher the popo are coming.
by Baby9 November 25, 2005
The cherry of a bud in a pipe
Quick hit that shit, dont mess up te cypher
by Roy m3 May 31, 2005
You crack heads its not to matrix shit and it prolly is rapping but the only Cypher I know is the rotation of a joint or a pipe (Smoking apparatus) which it is being pass around (Left)
Don't Break the Cypher! Pass that this way!
by SID December 24, 2003
The guy who murdered most of Morpheus' crew from the Matrix
God damn you Cypher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Dyne November 25, 2003

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