The criminal syndicate in Pokemon Colosseum, who tries to take over the world by distributing Shadow Pokemon. Nascour is second in command to Evice, the criminal who leads the syndicate.
In Pokemon Colosseum, Team Snaggem was hired by Cypher to use the snag machines to snag the pokemon that would become Shadow Pokemon.
by Light Joker May 26, 2004
Cypher, or just cyph. The cycle in which drugs(mainly weed) is being passed.
Yo! Cyph that blunt this way nigguh!
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
the number 0, a circle or hole
lets go get some culture cyphers

I want in that cypher over there
by Brutus October 17, 2003
A noob at Cs
That was on ghey ass cypher
by jason. July 13, 2003
to make your rhymes hard to decypher by using smarter words that aren't easy to figure out before you've said them
yo i just finished off your line, it rhymed to easy, just cypher it a little more kid
by dark soul June 30, 2003
A dirt bag that smells bad
thats dude is a cyphers
by THATSMYNAME May 31, 2008
a circle in which gang members form to conduct meetings and or sometimes to do drugs such as weed.
form a cypher to start the meeting. Decypher the popo are coming.
by Baby9 November 25, 2005

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