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1. The unlawful use of superior military and economic power by a nation against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, for almost undisguised ideological, political, and monetary reasons.

2. The use of deception, fear-inducement and intimidation by a government controlled by elites against its own population in order to undermine and possibly reverse political gains made over a period of time by the lower and middle classes.

3. Corporate-driven imperial expansion.
"President" George W. Bush and his advisors used the climate of fear generated by the attacks of September 11th, 2001 to engage in a "war on terrorism".
by Brutus March 27, 2004
Freak Nasty or Disgusting
Last night was straight badistical at the club
by Brutus April 18, 2004
the number six
meet us at the crib around equality
by Brutus October 17, 2003
the number 4
lets go get some culture-cyphers
by Brutus October 17, 2003
the number 0, a circle or hole
lets go get some culture cyphers

I want in that cypher over there
by Brutus October 17, 2003
what raggas say to people they think they could have in a fight.
gimme that chicken ya bloodclot vegetable patty eating battyman.
by brutus February 15, 2004

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