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The state of being in an altered frame of mind, specifically relating to pot (baked) and acid (fried). Hashed can pertain to any narcotic, in addition to hash itself.
"Andy, dude, you're so hashed."
"I am not fucking hashed"."
"I hashed your mom..."
"Whaaaat?....Does anyone have some eggrolls?....Stop writing this!"
by JAND March 13, 2005

Ripped: Torn: Something, usually a limb or toe/finger being cut open, slashed, ripped, or torn: i.e the skin.
"Dude, I hashed my foot the other day. Was bloody and crap."
by TriggerHippie March 25, 2009
Being of a state of hash

Hash; marijuana
Fuzz "T you want some hash?"
T: *smokes hash*
T: "I'm hashed man"
via giphy
by Dj Khaledxx July 14, 2016
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