for rtcw fans- court yard, the main area in Destruction map. it has two flags, wich means it is the only way to victory in this map.
"wtf! get to the cy you fucking camper"
"cy clear lets go noobs"
by rtcw fan July 06, 2004
A character in the books The Wild Road and The Golden Cat, both by Gabriel King. My favorite character, a very random but sweet female cat.
Hi, I'm Cy! Cy for Sign Here!
by Amelia Q November 14, 2004
when u have secks on the computer with another person on the computer
lets cy if u want some dairy biotch !
by Tien Shin Han November 30, 2003
chubtastical moron of a baseball player, who only hears what he wants.
man i hate people like cys!
by Emily February 27, 2005
The bitchiest person on IRC.
Wow, you are very CY today!
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
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