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To Masturbate. Originated from a person named Harry Cui, who was believed to have masturbated at least 10 times a day. Suspected of even ditching friends and parties to do it.
Person 1: Oh man I'm sorry dude I have a ton of homework, I can't get out.
Person 2: Bullsh*t, you just want to cui.
by Jason Backster April 26, 2004
Verb: To Masturbate. Can also be used as a noun (e.g. "I love the cui").
Person 1: "Man that was a good cui".
Person 2: "Nothin like cuiing in the early morn".
by Adam Gablowsky April 29, 2004
To masterbate alot, even though alot of people wont say they cui they really do. This guy named Joey i know does it.
Ricky: What are you gonna do man?
Joey: I might go home and cui some more
by Dirty white boy March 11, 2005
CUI (pronounced as "queue-ee"). Stands for Completely Useless Information.
"I just spent 15 minutes listening to that CUI from my boss"
by Testguy August 16, 2007
Chatting Under the Influence
Ed is clearly CUI- chatting under the influence.
by Jaytheorc October 08, 2013
n., pl.; the plural form of "cuz"; two or more good friends, buddies, homeys, homeslices, etc.
I'm chillin' with my cui.
by KFan II May 19, 2010
Crafting under the influence in regards to starcraft 2. It is highly advised to not craft while one is under the influence. you'll be saying gg and hearing pwnd before you know it
dude i was CUI the other night and i got proxy pylon'd like a total n00b.
by CTcadet August 14, 2010
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