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Napoleonic era. A type of heavy cavalry that got its name from the cuirass, the French word for breast plate. The idea was large men upon powerful horses, who were able to charge head-on into the enemy and expose and flanks or holes left in the lines of infantry after an artillery barrage. They were equipped with a cuirass, a long sword, two pistols and eventually a carbine.
After the artillery finsished its barrage, the cuirassiers charged the broken lines of infantry.
by Galloping Ghost June 25, 2005
A type of elite heavy European cavalry who carried the Cuirass ( A type of sword )and often wore breast plates. Often looked down on firearms as weapons of the infantry preferring to use their swords in combat.
Napoleon's Cuirassiers kicked ass in the Austrian campaign of 1809
by Howie February 25, 2005

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