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Person who sucks all the joy and humor right out of you.
Bob: Was that a dementor?
Steve: No, it was a cruddie.
Bob: Same difference.
by SexyHo June 14, 2004
A skanky bitter hag who's jealous of intelligent beautiful women.
"That Cruddie chick sure looks like a bag of wet oatmeal"
by Mr. Snuffalupagus June 13, 2004
Crap on the bottom someone's shoe
Those Cruddies are as annoying as shit on the bottom of my shoe.
by author unknown June 13, 2004
A person considered undesirable in a big thread.
"I wish stevo would ban those cruddie buddies"
by bloodymary May 24, 2004
cruddie - A jealous fankled biatch who resides in the darkside playing 13 yr old games with other 13 yr old fankled biatches.
"Those cruddies are such skanky biatches. Ewwwwww!"
by Ms. Hott June 25, 2004
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