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Person who sucks all the joy and humor right out of you.
Bob: Was that a dementor?
Steve: No, it was a cruddie.
Bob: Same difference.
by SexyHo June 14, 2004
Where friends gather to chat while the cruddies are busy hating elsewhere
I LOVE the big thread....It's a cruddie-free zone!
by SexyHo June 14, 2004
A totally HOTT chick with a studly lawyer boyfriend who loves her completely. Loyal friend. Total riot.

FOOLS are jealous of her. The more ignorant among them are unable to control themselves from spewing venom about her.
I am totally lucky to have a friend like Menushka.
by SexyHo June 27, 2004
The place where cruddies go when they realize that the rest of the world finds them offensive
I'm so glad those cruddies went back over to the dark side. They were sucking all the joy out of my day with their bitterness and anger.
by SexyHo June 14, 2004
Preferred method of disease transmission from one cruddie to another.
Did you see those pustules on that cruddie? Too many POKES.

I was poked by a cruddie. Thank goodness I've gotten all my shots! Oh wait--I'm not a cruddie, so I am immune.
by SexyHo June 14, 2004

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