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to have a sexual act done to you whilst trying to concentrate
i tried to type but i got a stevo
by stevo_3000 June 20, 2006
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A god amongst men, is the one and only Stevo. His power over the biological world is absolute. Not only is he the most supreme of gods, but he is the most supreme of men. Is the best fisherman ever, drinks several 6-Packs at a time, is divorced and tells people to piss off or he'll nail them. Doesn't like asians, but no asian has the guts to call him a racist. Likes to fight kids...cause they can't do anything about it.
"Oi Stevo how do ya catch 'em fish?"
"If i'm not blowing the shit out of those bastards with my home made bombs, I'll fucking poison them with those chemicals I racked from the local lab."
by Burnate September 14, 2006
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A blond guy with blue eyes and a husky dog, who is loved by blond girls who play basketball and are awesome dougiers! Stevo's love soccer and are perv's who say quive all the time!!!!! Stevo's are usually bad dancer, and likes to do the plank at dances. Stevo's usually jump over twin girls to get a soccer ball friday afternoons!!!!!!!!
He is such a stevo, he did the plank at the last dance like a physco!!!!!

Blondie loves him because he is such a stevo and so athletic!
by Nived Parikh December 23, 2011
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Stevo is one of the worlds best creations. A Stevo can make anybody laugh. He is extremely hot and has giant guns. If youre lucky you may get the opportunity to ride Stevo in a toilet.
"Wow dude check him out, he must be a stevo. I think i might need to have a quick rossco"
by Jodeo April 29, 2008
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A middle aged / elderly male pervert. Supposedly excels at maths
Said: "Guess who looked down her top in maths"
General mental consensus: "Stevo"
by MoMite February 03, 2009
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Stevo stee-vo is the highest prestige you can get in life! To reach Prestige Stevo you must be an obese, pizza eating, monster drinking, glasses wearing, bad smelling son of a heroine addict! You must throw late night raves in your bedroom and serve free hotdogs and monster energy!
Josh: You were being a right Stevo last night!
Jim: Was I?
Josh: Yeah! You were eating all the pizza and drinking all the monster!
via giphy
by TheBoggler September 10, 2016
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Always makes excuses to miss gym, also doesn't even life
And gets called Dion by adam izzo
Ok Dion

Stevo, coming to gym?
by #swagdaddy August 06, 2015
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