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A 'croissant' is to dry hump someone rapidly while constantly repeating the word 'croissant' with a french accent. Just for fun.
Boy 1: Hi!
Boy 2: Jumps on Boy 1 and dry humps him: Croissant, croissant, croissant, croissant, croissantcroissantcrossiant!
Boy 3, 4 and 5: ROFL!
by Le croissant master April 14, 2009
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1) A delightfully delicious flakey roll, with origins of France, that one would enjoy plain, perhaps with almond or apple butter, a nice jam, or even the very American breakfast sandwich.

2)When a girls vagina is so flakey that they get in your beard during oral sex.

Jacque: "Won't you fetch me the morning news and prepare me a croissant?"

Toby: "Kim's pussy was so dry that flakes from her twat-croissant got stuck in my goatee."
by Mejosh March 22, 2009
A savory French pastry, coincidentally Kanye West's life blood and only thing he eats.
"They haven't sent croissants to New Orleans? George Busch doesn't care about black people" -Kanye West
by Tswift June 27, 2013
A croissant is a name for someone who flakes out. It can be used to describe a one-time flaker or consistent flaker. Variations of it may be used as verbs, adverbs, and adjectives.
"Dude, are you coming out with us or not? Stop being such a croissant!"

"The girls and I are trying to plan a bridge night, but Martha keeps croissanting on us."

"I was excited to go out with this really cute guy, but he croissanted at the last minute."

"My wife and I had been planning our trip to Barbados for years. As the date approached, she croissantily tried to postpone it yet again, using our kids as an excuse."
by Seen & Heard July 07, 2013
1. A French crescent-shaped pastry.
2. Couch sex. Could be sex with, on, or inspired by a couch.
Let the warm folds of my sofa embrace you as we make passionate croissant.
by swet April 02, 2015
When a fat girl gets flaky on you. Because Croissants are squishy and flaky, like fat girls.
That Big Bitch show up to the concert? Nah, man she went all croissant me.
by Snow Storm T April 01, 2009
1)where a woman lies in the fetal position and then male fucks her
2)a hairy french girl,jizzing on top of a crissant in which she eats at a later time
She layed there looking like a croissant while her boyfriend fucked her for 3 minutes.
by jesus fuck shit July 31, 2006
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