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A gross invention of the 1970's in which one would store essential items like:

hand lotion, credit cards, make up, tampons, sunglasses, band-aids, keys, moist towelettes, a watch, mini-binoculars, polaroid instant film, hard candy, a compact, and, maybe, a rattle for your baby.

The items would be stored in a pouch that attached to the hips by long interlocking straps, or, in the most horrid circumstance, Velcro.

Tiffany: "Girl, can you hold my condoms in that fanny pack until after the roller coaster?"
Sandy: "The strap on my fanny pack broke and all my heroin fell out in front of Pastor Thomas."
#fanney pack #bag #pouch #etc #carrying case #fannie pack #1970s #storage
by Mejosh March 22, 2009

1) Spun sugar that results in a whispy confectionery, typically merchandised in a see-thru plastic bag, or on a paper cone.

2) When a man or woman's pubic hair has a sweet taste and aroma from their body soap.
Clown: "Would you like a taste of COTTON CANDY from my bag, little boy?"

Dad: "Hey, fuck you faggot, get your sick sugar-dick outta here."

Tim: "I muff-dived into Sheila's pussy last night and munched on that shit like it was COTTON CANDY."
#carnival #food #candy #taste #faire grounds #snack
by Mejosh March 23, 2009

1) A delightfully delicious flakey roll, with origins of France, that one would enjoy plain, perhaps with almond or apple butter, a nice jam, or even the very American breakfast sandwich.

2)When a girls vagina is so flakey that they get in your beard during oral sex.

Jacque: "Won't you fetch me the morning news and prepare me a croissant?"

Toby: "Kim's pussy was so dry that flakes from her twat-croissant got stuck in my goatee."
#breakfast #bread #food #cunnalingus #oral #sex
by Mejosh March 22, 2009
1) When an unconscious person gets their face skeeted on, then their pubes trimmed and stuck to their face to form a beard, then adorned with a top hat.

2) He freed the negros.

3) A wrestler who became the sixteeth president of the United States. It's a job, right?

4) When a partner, during intercourse, shits logs of feces onto their partner's face, building a cabin.
"Nick was the first to pass out at the Delta Gama frat party. They dropped their pants, then Abe Lincoln'd him for being a pussy."
"Abe Lincoln freed the niggers"
"I'm going to Abe Lincoln my way to the White House."
"Billy wouldn't fuck me tonight. I got the blue balls so bad that I Abe Lincoln'd a shit cabin on his mouth while he slept."

"Patty wouldn't give me oral last night after her dentist appointment, so she gave me an Abe Lincoln instead."
#president #usa #abraham lincoln #wrestlers #negro
by Mejosh March 23, 2009
Verb (Y-Tah Howse) To build a mini-shit mansion on someone's mouth while they sleep, and coat it in cum after construction.
Peter told me, after sleeping together for four weeks, that he has herpes. We haven't used protection. I was so pissed that I built a White House on his mouth and then pissed on it.
#sex #piss #white #house #whitehouse #white house
by Mejosh June 27, 2009
1) When someone fucks up and/or takes your shit.

2) When YOU fuck up and/or take someone's shit.

Brad: "Angela committed GRAND LARCENY on my dick last night bro. She fucking ran into the sunset wit dat shit."

Pete: "Dis nigga broke into my crib de other night. So I burnt his mother fucking house to the ground and Grand Larceny'd his Ford Pinto."

3) When you fuck a female so hard that she seizures and shits on your dick.

Herald: "I asked my C.P.A. out to dinner so she wouldn't expose our tax fraud. Ended up commitin' GRAND LARCENY on that bitch last night."

Gregory: "Yeah dawg, last night I fucking committed Grand Larceny on Tina. I fucking made the bitch leak like the mother fuckin' hoover damn."
#grand larsony #grand larceny #grand larcony #theft #crime
by Mejosh March 22, 2009
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