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The answer for poor but cultured people's true hatred of bud light beer and the rednecks that drink it. It was born of natural ingredients, and still a smooth refreshing beer (not really but damn its cheap). Also a status symbol among elitist dub-v born males trying to make a better name for their state.
redneck at a party: hey man u want a bud-light?
me: Fuck you. *cracks open a Busch*
by kill yourself please October 03, 2005
The greatest beer known to man..Its cheap and it absolutely shits on any other Anheiser-Busch product. Its not for rednecks or hillbillys its for people who arent pussies and actually enjoy the taste of alcohol. Sorry its not a six dollar Corona or Bud Light Lime... Talkin shit about Busch is un American. It looks great, tastes great, feels great and its even got a nice gold top covering its beauty.
by That DudeMaker February 22, 2009
Cheap shitty beer. Welcome to college.
Hey toss me a busch. I'm gonna prefunk a little before this party.
by Steve Martin2 October 22, 2007
Short for Anheuser Busch its cheep american beer.
Im gonna gonna drink this busch.
by ddfa@aol.com December 15, 2003
heaven in a can
dude. this busch is heaven in a can.
by meister. July 03, 2009
cheap beer, Busch stands for: Beer U Sissies Can't Handle
He buddy, toss me a Busch
by Redneck Bill August 21, 2009
an Acronym for the beer that's as cold as a mountain Stream and as smooth as its name. B.ecause U. S.ave C.ash, Homey!!
Hey bro you wanna get a 6 of Blue moon for $8.50? Fuck no son for $8.65 you can get a 12 of Busch!! Because U Save Cash, Homey!!!!
by diamonddave420 February 14, 2011