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The act of stalking someone on facebook

What you doing tonight man? Oh nothin just creepin the book for some ladies
by Nothinbutfacials May 03, 2009
stalking people on facebook for hours on end. usually you do not know the person and you stare at their pictures and want to suddenly be friends with them. it is just a symptom of the excessive use of
i'm creepin the book as we speak.
by ecoch November 09, 2008
Stalking known or unknown persons on Facebook for any extended amount of time.
"Man, I'm late for work, but I can't stop creepin' the book."

-"What'd you do all night?"
-"Eh, I crept the book, found some new friends"
by Kevin R Miller February 02, 2009
a. using facebook as a method to find out information on a certain person.

b. stalking a person via facebook
so i was creepin' the book to find out if kyle would like to go to prom with me...

facebook stalker creeping

to stalk a person via Facebook
guy 1: Happy birthday.
guy 2: How'd you know it was my birthday, I never told you.
guy 1: I was creepin the book
by KJandrists November 16, 2008
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