the guy in your enlgih class that talks to you even though you've tried every single thing on the face of the earth to get rid of him. tends to wear the same clothes every day of the week.
dang kyle's a HUGE creeper
by btrlovinlife4 April 22, 2009
A slang word for Facebook.
"Mannn, I can't believe you and your girlfriend broke-up!"
"It only happened yesterday, how do you know?"
"It's all over the creeper."
by l g wild. January 28, 2009
1 Usually a guy, who acts weird/does weird things. A diffrent word for Freak, Weirdo, Loser.

2 A stalker. Usually an older male.
1 "Oh my god, he's so weird. whatta creeper"

2 "Theres a creeper over there, lets go."
by its lauraaaa January 25, 2009
A person who nobody knows but always seems to be in photos or at parties. May also copy and past photos of themselves next to you to make it look like they are friends with you. Might also make fake facebook/myspace profiles and compliment themselves from the fake profle that they made.
OMG who is that random girl in all of our pictures?
I don't know dude!
She must be a creeper!
by babyrump kisser October 19, 2008
Marijuana that either has an offset onset >:) (usually not seeming to have worked at first), or a high that comes in waves.
"Thats some killer creeper, bud!"

"Whoa man, that weed is creeping up on me, its creeper."

"Fuck off man, this is MY creeper"

This is my real location:
50M3W}{3|23 0\/3|^ 7H3 R41|\|80\/(/
|)07 (0(V) _/`|4$H 9}{U/< (_)|2
/\/\u7H3|2 |)o7 N37
by Joe Noobie June 12, 2005
CREEPER Definition #2

A CREEPER is Basically ANYONE, Male or Female, With A Creepy Presence or Behavior (see Creeper #1 & #3)

5. Woman who Hang their Cleavage in Your Husband’s or Significant Other’s Face at Parties & Other Social Events.
6. Guys with Goatee Beards who play with Their Balls while Telling You How Great They Are on Your First Date.
7. All “Betty Page” Look -Alikes.
8. Guys who tell you how Great they are at Martial Arts, so THEY CAN TRY TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU.
9. Self-Absorbed, Bored-House-Wives who Wear “Jackie-O” Dark Sun Glasses Who Tell You How Worthless their Husbands Are, While Their Husbands Are Completely Supporting Them Financially, While their Wives are Trying to Get You to Fuck Them.
10. All Swingers.
11. White Women who Dig Black Guys or Guys Half Their Age.
12. Women who Shave their Eyebrows & Have them Tattooed on.
13. Flashy Men who Like Fast Sport Cars & Cheat on Their Wives.
14. Women who Sneak Out on Their Significant Other to Have Sex in a Car with Someone Else when They Are Supposed to Be Out Grocery Shopping or Buying Clothes.
15. Guys who Share Lollipops with Each Other.
16. Lesbian Gym Teachers who Want You To Come Over to Their House After School, so that They Can Comb Your Hair.
17. Guys who Wear Cowboy Boots and/or have Ponytails.
I wish that CREEPER Would Stop Hanging Her Tits in my Husband's Face at our Daughter's Birthday Party.
by Tina from the BGCA August 27, 2014
This person takes creeping to the next level. To outsiders, it seems as if their main goal in life is to freak as many people out as possible. These people text, email, stalk, mail, and EVEN fax their victims. These people are usually young males in their 20s and 30s who frequently attend college bars between 1 and 2am looking for drunken 18 year old women dancing provocatively with their friends. Sadly, they are rejected, ignored, and even kicked out of venues due to their creepiness and usually ugliness.
Allan texted Katie a picture of a guy's ding dong while stalking her last night. He is SUCH a creeper!
by Climb the Highest February 12, 2011

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