a creepy person ( most of the time a guy ) who sends you creepy text messages post- breakup and is obsessed with you even if you broke up with him already. sends you pictures of him ( ew ).
my ex is a creeper (:
by pRoUd2bEsInGlE June 08, 2009
someone who is bobbin for brain on a wheeled contraption which can be, but is not specifically used for, checking the underside of a vehicle.
Person A: Wow man! that lippsy gizzard is definitely bobbin for brain on that creeper.

Person B: totally, look at her percision!
by thebee'sknee's April 26, 2009
the guy in your enlgih class that talks to you even though you've tried every single thing on the face of the earth to get rid of him. tends to wear the same clothes every day of the week.
dang kyle's a HUGE creeper
by btrlovinlife4 April 22, 2009
someone who shows creepy or freaky features, often conceived as a rapist or murderer
Man she is such a creeper. I mean her smile is just so scary!
by 1029463 April 10, 2009
A weird substitute teacher, or a person who sneaks up behind you with out your knowledge.
Wow, Mr. R is such a creeper, i was in math and he just came up behind me.
by BABARAN March 28, 2009
A stalker that uses the information gained through his various stalking techniques (aim, msn, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc) to make contact repeatedly.
After I told him to bug off on facebook chat, the creeper found out my room number from my myspace and was shouting outside my dorm window, telling me to let him in.
by Jinnuine513 March 15, 2009
someone who sneaks around little children, a pedophile
Mr. Erchlich is creepin hard body around the class that damn creeper
by bvjdfhgdfhgjkshgjkdhgfhdfjh March 06, 2009
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