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someone who watches you all the time without you realizing (edward cullen
Edward Cullen is such a creeper to Bella.
by mads94 October 31, 2009
Someone, usually male, who acts in a socially unacceptable manner, normally pertaining to females.

Usually these are men who stalk younger women, go to parties they are too old for, or date/have sexual relations with their therapists/garbage women/mutual friends.
David: I am dating my therapist!
Marti: You're such a creeper.
by M.Rogers October 06, 2009
someone who is bobbin for brain on a wheeled contraption which can be, but is not specifically used for, checking the underside of a vehicle.
Person A: Wow man! that lippsy gizzard is definitely bobbin for brain on that creeper.

Person B: totally, look at her percision!
by thebee'sknee's April 26, 2009
the guy in your enlgih class that talks to you even though you've tried every single thing on the face of the earth to get rid of him. tends to wear the same clothes every day of the week.
dang kyle's a HUGE creeper
by btrlovinlife4 April 22, 2009
1. A person (usually a male) who stalks females. The guy usually watches and stares at them and Many times listens in to conversations or the victim.
2. A person who checks out your profile all the time to seek/gather information about a certain person. (Spying)
3. An older guy hitting on younger girls.
"Oh my, that guy is staring at you and following you again!"
"Eww, i know, He's such a creeper!!"
by wouldnt_it_be_nice? February 09, 2009
A slang word for Facebook.
"Mannn, I can't believe you and your girlfriend broke-up!"
"It only happened yesterday, how do you know?"
"It's all over the creeper."
by l g wild. January 28, 2009
Creepers are creatures - specifically human beings, but could possibly be other species of animals (to a much lesser degree) - that are notorious for creeping. What does “creeping” entail, and how do you spot a creeper? Creepers display a bizarre, and sometimes compulsive, attraction towards a person. Creeping is the verb that describes what a creeper undertakes.
1. Persistence to get involved in your life somehow: Even if all you say to them is “Hi,” this brings satisfaction to them. But no, creepers want more. They will try their darndest to strike up a conversation with you, even if it is severely lacking in interest on your behalf. They will follow you every which way you go. They will talk about you with your friends, asking them questions about you and trying to reap information about you, even if they were people that they usually wouldn’t even think of conversing with because they were just so creepy. They will take the most miniscule joke that you make, latch onto it, and deem it as something “special” between the two of you. They will find your Facebook, Myspace, or other social networking profile that you may have and creep you on that. The worst, though, is when they find out your phone number or screen name, and they excessively instant message you, text you, or call you. Creepers, as we call them, also give a name to their “creepee,” and will constantly refer to them as that.
2. The “Sorry, I’m not interested” Shpeel: Again, creepers are beings of a very persistent nature. Once you get annoyed of their characteristics that you once found as friendly gestures, they need to be told that they need to leave you alone. You tell them “Sorry, I don’t like you” once and they won’t listen. They’ll continue with their addiction to you. The second time, it becomes “In all seriousness, I do not like you.” You would think that they would actually listen to you at this point, but no. Creepers might be stung by an explanation such as “I do not like you. I never did like you. I never will like you.” Such a phrase may, just may get through to them. But…
3. The Aftermath: After telling the creeper that you don’t like them, they will do either one of two things. They will either heed that innuendo, leave you alone, and find someone else to creep. Or they will lessen the creeping towards you, but still have same dignity left in them after you have shamed them to sneak a “Hello” into your day.
Albeit the creeper may appear to be leaving you alone, or for some reason, they continue to try and converse with you, DO NOT GIVE INTO THEIR PLOY TO “REMAIN FRIENDS.” You want to break off all contact with the creeper as soon as possible. Think of it as a bandage: you don’t want the adhesive to hurt when you’re taking it off, so just rip it off as fast as you can. It may hurt the creeper’s feelings, but it’s better than having a creeper creep around you to begin with.
"That kid in my 5th period class is such a creeper! He tries to walk me to lunch everyday, and incessantly texts me!"
by juhhhsteeen November 06, 2008