A person who is socially awkward towards people around him who focus' their attention and makes it their mission throughout the day to know what his target/victim is doing.
A member from cc// known as 3ntropy is considered a creeper.
by H4H4CC March 06, 2011
A person who typically regulars high schools, college campuses, and social networking sites such as facebook, myspcace, or stickam and makes disturbing attempts to flirt with those of the opposite sex with blunt expressions of their thoughts of the other person.
The creeper: "Hey, you're cute. Let's have sex."
The victim: "Uh... no."
The creeper: "Aww come on baby"
The victim: "gtfo you nasty creeper"
by Anonamousssssssssssssss February 09, 2011
being a creeper isn't based so much on actions as it is intentions. For example one may act a certain way from time-to-time but their actions don't match up to their overall intentions. Creepers have their own intentions from the get-go and their actions only gradually make them obvious. Whereas someone might do something creeper-like on occasion but not have the intentions of a creeper.
I cant tell if this guy is just hitting on me if his hes just creepin
its hard to tell until his true creeper intentions come out
by awisewoman July 18, 2010
A crazy weird loser who likes to sit on the net all day and annoy complete strangers - usually posting racist imagery.

A creeper usually criticises others for faults that apply to him, and which may not apply to his target.

He'll usually be friendless with no job - or homeless, but he'll pretend online that he is popular - even when he is not popular online, and he'll frequently try to convince women that he has lots of money, when he is in fact, bankrupt.

Usual creepers will blackmail people online, or threaten people, or just take random peoples pictures and deface them.
That Sonny was a definite creeper when he abused the internet forum for posting racist pictures.

That Vitale was posting pictures of other forum member's pictures, and member's children's pictures with penises and dildos super-imposed in their mouths - what a creeper!

That Tony has no morals - see as he abuses just about everyone online. Such a creeper!
One who punches women on the back on the neck during sex
Jonas is a creeper and punches girls on the back of the neck during sex
by jonasneckpunches June 18, 2010
A guy who sits in your room when he comes over, ALL THE TIME, and rarely talks, just stares at you and plays on his iphone or is just straight up weird. He sings to himself and refuses to leave, but makes it awkward all the time. you kick him out and see him standing outside of your door for five minutes. He eavesdrops to all of your phone conversations and looks a lot like a child molester when he wakes up and comes to knock on your door.
Hank is the biggest creeper in our dorm.
by StantonHall March 16, 2010
a person, usually a guy, that is very sketchy. everything he does is extremely creeping and usually wierds the person out.
(spanish class) that guy is staring at me and just stroking his chin....hes such a creeper
by inspiredbyguyinmyspanishclass January 19, 2010

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