one who wonders aimlessly with no clear objective and a precariouse dameaner
once jeff walked away the group defined him as a Creeper for standing so close to James for no reasson
by tayler grotesque February 04, 2010
a girl wearing a cartoon beatles shirt that walks up to random people and gets in their face "creeping" upon them. usually has blonde hair and a donky laugh.
nicole: whoa, look at that creeper!
helen: omg, its in my face!
creeper: huh huh hah huh ahah huhh (laughing)
by RNchicks August 30, 2009
A person who seems to know everything about you and loves to follow you around pretending to be your friend. If you have facebook they seem to always write on you wall and you get a new post every 5 seconds. They really drive you nuts, but you can't help to love the attention.
Eww what the hell, David's such a damn creeper.
by frhlituhkget June 14, 2009
a creepy person ( most of the time a guy ) who sends you creepy text messages post- breakup and is obsessed with you even if you broke up with him already. sends you pictures of him ( ew ).
my ex is a creeper (:
by pRoUd2bEsInGlE June 08, 2009
Someone who is always lurking in the dark corners outside like a big fat Nykaza bird.
I hate creepers man.

Yes they are creepy men like Matty Ice.
by Tim Robino May 18, 2009
one who creeps
Billy was such a creeper last night at the party.
by FelixSax March 08, 2009
someone who sneaks around little children, a pedophile
Mr. Erchlich is creepin hard body around the class that damn creeper
by bvjdfhgdfhgjkshgjkdhgfhdfjh March 06, 2009

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