A stalker that uses the information gained through his various stalking techniques (aim, msn, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc) to make contact repeatedly.
After I told him to bug off on facebook chat, the creeper found out my room number from my myspace and was shouting outside my dorm window, telling me to let him in.
by Jinnuine513 March 15, 2009
1. One who performs acts which may fall under classification of "Creepy" or anythinq synonymous to such .

2. A person who drives by reallll slow in their car and stares intensely .

1; Tony : "Hey buttnugget"
Danielle : "Eww you're such a creeper why would you say thattt !"

2; Driver : "Hey lets drive by these kids realle slow and stare intensely..."
Passenqer : "Ewww noo , you're a total creeper !!"
by Younq Dro March 05, 2009
1 Usually a guy, who acts weird/does weird things. A diffrent word for Freak, Weirdo, Loser.

2 A stalker. Usually an older male.
1 "Oh my god, he's so weird. whatta creeper"

2 "Theres a creeper over there, lets go."
by its lauraaaa January 25, 2009
It's pot, of course. The kind of pot that takes you into your endless high slowly. Very, very slowly. Once you've hit the bottom, you know it. Not better than white widow. Strength can range from shit, to the best high you'll ever get.
That creeper there is some deadly dank.

Amber-Can you get some krippy or some creeper, please?
Aaron-Want an oz or a quarter?
by ;;.Renots.* December 27, 2008
someone who looks creepy; looks like a molestor
Joe is such a creeper. Did you see the way he looked at me?
by A. K. S. November 04, 2008
A person who nobody knows but always seems to be in photos or at parties. May also copy and past photos of themselves next to you to make it look like they are friends with you. Might also make fake facebook/myspace profiles and compliment themselves from the fake profle that they made.
OMG who is that random girl in all of our pictures?
I don't know dude!
She must be a creeper!
by babyrump kisser October 19, 2008
Your college roommates boyfriend who stays over every night (and snores), sits in your room even while she is not there, shoves food into your face, and paces up and down the hallway, while everyone but your roommate only know him as "The Creeper"
by welteal September 21, 2008

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