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This person takes creeping to the next level. To outsiders, it seems as if their main goal in life is to freak as many people out as possible. These people text, email, stalk, mail, and EVEN fax their victims. These people are usually young males in their 20s and 30s who frequently attend college bars between 1 and 2am looking for drunken 18 year old women dancing provocatively with their friends. Sadly, they are rejected, ignored, and even kicked out of venues due to their creepiness and usually ugliness.
Allan texted Katie a picture of a guy's ding dong while stalking her last night. He is SUCH a creeper!
by Climb the Highest February 12, 2011
A scary, creeper, weirdo.
Nick H. is such a creeper!
by Alexx<333 January 16, 2011
Someone with a weird, goofy, smile, who creeps on the nearest girl. Is lanky, with a rib protruding from his chest.
Cullen is such a creeper!
by funnyboy9989 December 26, 2010
When an older guy looks and makes sexual gestures to a younger girl.
person 1 "Gosh Ryan is such a creeper"
person 2 "Yeah i know, he keeps hitting on that freshman girl"
by shmee_shmee May 27, 2010
Its usually seen at colleges where a guy or girl just stares at the person they like and says nothing to them & stares at them when they're not looking.Or a person that has nothing better to do then hang out at a mall and just stare at people
Creepers: Guy and girl stare at each other in the hall way and can't seem to stop making eye contact with each other and yet they don't have a conversation.They are either attracted to one another but they are either afraid to take the first step or they are both already in a relationship with someone else or neither one has the guts to say anything to each other.
by Shitallica/shitknot May 05, 2010
one who wonders aimlessly with no clear objective and a precariouse dameaner
once jeff walked away the group defined him as a Creeper for standing so close to James for no reasson
by tayler grotesque February 04, 2010
a girl wearing a cartoon beatles shirt that walks up to random people and gets in their face "creeping" upon them. usually has blonde hair and a donky laugh.
nicole: whoa, look at that creeper!
helen: omg, its in my face!
creeper: huh huh hah huh ahah huhh (laughing)
by RNchicks August 30, 2009