1. A person (usually a male) who stalks females. The guy usually watches and stares at them and Many times listens in to conversations or the victim.
2. A person who checks out your profile all the time to seek/gather information about a certain person. (Spying)
3. An older guy hitting on younger girls.
"Oh my, that guy is staring at you and following you again!"
"Eww, i know, He's such a creeper!!"
by wouldnt_it_be_nice? February 09, 2009
A slang word for Facebook.
"Mannn, I can't believe you and your girlfriend broke-up!"
"It only happened yesterday, how do you know?"
"It's all over the creeper."
by l g wild. January 28, 2009
1 Usually a guy, who acts weird/does weird things. A diffrent word for Freak, Weirdo, Loser.

2 A stalker. Usually an older male.
1 "Oh my god, he's so weird. whatta creeper"

2 "Theres a creeper over there, lets go."
by its lauraaaa January 25, 2009
Any person-man or woman who looks at you in a shady way.
They might have done something in their past which you know about that just isnt normal.
This person's eyes or hands could be continuously glued to you.
These people laugh at things you say that aren't even funny.
I was reading about Rasputin, and he was such a creeper.
Only creepers try to cure a child with 'magical powers'
by Ericawho January 10, 2009
Similar to a lurker, but a lot creeper. The difference is, while a lurker can be found in the backgrounds of pictures doing nothing, a creeper can be found in the backgrounds of pictures staring through the window with a creepy creeper smile.
Person: Who's THAT lady?!
Me: Oh, that's just my mom Pat. She's a major creeper. Look at those creeper legs..
by maddyvh January 09, 2009
A person who nobody knows but always seems to be in photos or at parties. May also copy and past photos of themselves next to you to make it look like they are friends with you. Might also make fake facebook/myspace profiles and compliment themselves from the fake profle that they made.
OMG who is that random girl in all of our pictures?
I don't know dude!
She must be a creeper!
by babyrump kisser October 19, 2008
Marijuana that either has an offset onset >:) (usually not seeming to have worked at first), or a high that comes in waves.
"Thats some killer creeper, bud!"

"Whoa man, that weed is creeping up on me, its creeper."

"Fuck off man, this is MY creeper"

This is my real location:
50M3W}{3|23 0\/3|^ 7H3 R41|\|80\/(/
|)07 (0(V) _/`|4$H 9}{U/< (_)|2
/\/\u7H3|2 |)o7 N37
by Joe Noobie June 12, 2005
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