A person who creeps in the background or watches you while you sleep.
Person #1- Did you see the movie Twilight
Person #2- Yeah, Edward Cullen is such a creeper
by omgitsalex7777 March 29, 2010
word for stalker, usually talks about creepy old men who look at teenage girls weird.
person 1- "omg look at that dude"

person 2- "ew creeper go away"
by live2die95 March 04, 2010
High School Band Instructors
creepers in high school concert or marching band
by jemma-eliza January 31, 2010
Edward Cullen
You need no example for him being a creeper
by RJMaggio October 12, 2009
someone who shows creepy or freaky features, often conceived as a rapist or murderer
Man she is such a creeper. I mean her smile is just so scary!
by 1029463 April 10, 2009
Someone who stalks people they find attractive in the hall way at school my using myspace
Rebekah is such a creeper
by Dontanwserthat April 01, 2009
A weird substitute teacher, or a person who sneaks up behind you with out your knowledge.
Wow, Mr. R is such a creeper, i was in math and he just came up behind me.
by BABARAN March 28, 2009

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