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A combination of the words "Crap" and "Rad", coming from the North Eastern Region of Nebraska. It can be used to amplify a negative or positive meaning in a sentence or situation.
"Emma, that dress is just so crad"!
by Sir Bacon of Yorkshire August 20, 2011
8 8
Any genitalia, such as booty, cock, punani, or butthole but can only be used in a context referring to sexual intercourse.
Man, I could've totally hit that crad last night.
by lee/jeffries November 28, 2006
82 21
(noun): Combination of crap and crud, means crappy or cruddy, or just bad in general.
"I had such a crad day today"
"That test was so crad"
"Why are you being so craddy today?"
by Faggoty Ramone June 04, 2007
17 16
Slang term meaning "extremely hardcore" "shocking" or "filthy".
Dave was not let down by the magazine's claim to be "100% crad" and he enjoyed many sessions of wrist exercise.
by J M Schtaamnya March 21, 2008
10 14
1. cool, Awsome, Radical, a combination of the three, depends purly on personal preference.

2. C.R.A.D.-Cool Awsome, Radical, Dude.
Dude that 640 was crad man!

Dude that guys who can do stunts like that are so totally C.R.A.D man!
by Christopher M. Vanderwall-Brown November 29, 2005
10 32
Someone who is both cool and radical.
Hey man. You're sooo crad!
by Craddy Boy March 10, 2004
8 32
A cross between Crazy and Mad, as with a livly charcater.
Yea, he jumped off the roof!
WOW! Thats so Crad!
by P2D August 15, 2005
4 30