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Any genitalia, such as booty, cock, punani, or butthole but can only be used in a context referring to sexual intercourse.
Man, I could've totally hit that crad last night.
#genitalia #booty #cock #punani #pootie tang
by lee/jeffries November 28, 2006
A combination of the words "Crap" and "Rad", coming from the North Eastern Region of Nebraska. It can be used to amplify a negative or positive meaning in a sentence or situation.
"Emma, that dress is just so crad"!
#crap #rad #nebraska #region #positive
by Sir Bacon of Yorkshire August 20, 2011
(noun): Combination of crap and crud, means crappy or cruddy, or just bad in general.
"I had such a crad day today"
"That test was so crad"
"Why are you being so craddy today?"
#crap #crud #crappy #cruddy #cradular
by Faggoty Ramone June 04, 2007
Slang term meaning "extremely hardcore" "shocking" or "filthy".
Dave was not let down by the magazine's claim to be "100% crad" and he enjoyed many sessions of wrist exercise.
#filthy #filth #hardcore #pornography #shocking
by J M Schtaamnya March 21, 2008
1. cool, Awsome, Radical, a combination of the three, depends purly on personal preference.

2. C.R.A.D.-Cool Awsome, Radical, Dude.
Dude that 640 was crad man!

Dude that guys who can do stunts like that are so totally C.R.A.D man!
#cool #awsome #radical #narley #intense #heavy #insaine #monsterous #unfathomable #psychadelic
by Christopher M. Vanderwall-Brown November 29, 2005
Someone who is both cool and radical.
Hey man. You're sooo crad!
by Craddy Boy March 10, 2004
A cross between crap and rad, it is basically saying that something sucks yet is cool at the same time.
Instead of: That game is cool, but it sucks too.
Use: That game is crad.
by disturbed_c0w November 12, 2003
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