The international weight unit by which "craps" are measured. Equivalent to 2.5 pounds.
Randy Marsh's crap weighed 8.6 courics, but Bono's weighed 9.5.
by BrentinKC October 11, 2007
The weight measurement system used by Switzerland to weigh people's shit.
"Dubin ate Chipotle every meal for 2 straight weeks and shat a pooper that weighed 6.7 couric's"
by Got Em October 12, 2007
The official SI unit for measuring fecal matter
Randy Marsh holds the world record for largest crap taken measuring in at over 100 courics
by Simon Head October 27, 2007
A unit of measure for human feces, where one couric equals 2.5 pounds.
Holy Shit! I just crapped a 4 Couric.
by Metal850 October 15, 2007
The measurement of human feces; 1 couric weighs 2 pounds.
Your crap weighs only 2 courics,
only 4 pounds
by Tyler Parizek October 14, 2007
official unit of fecal weight. 2.6 lbs of crap to be exact.
Wow, that crap must be 100 courics!!!
by Foxamill October 14, 2007
Unit of measurement equal to 2.5 pounds of excrement. Must be verified by the European Fecal Standards and Measurement board located in Zurich.
Dude I just took a crap that weighed at least 4 courics.
by Lopier October 12, 2007

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