A unit of measurement that equals 2.5 per (Katie) Couric.
Bono was the largest record of courics.

by Zakkk October 10, 2007
The standard measurement of feces. 1 lb.= 2.5 c
I swear I took a crap that had to have been atleast 7 courics!
by Bigworm1591 October 10, 2007
A unit of human fecal measurement. One Couric is approximately 2.5lbs of human fecal material.

Stan's dad takes what he believes is a record-breaking sized bowel movement, so he calls for an official weigh in by officials at the office of European Fecal Standards and Measurements in Zurich. The official unit of measurement is a Couric, named for the CBS news anchor, Katie Couric.

Bro 1:Dude! I just totally took a 4 Couric dump!!!

Bro 2: Whatever man, Bill Reilly talks that out of his mouth almost ever weeknight.
by skeeterorama October 21, 2007
The unit in measuring one's or other's feces. Approximately equal to 2.2 pounds.
Blast! That fece must weigh at least 7 Courics!
by granger3 October 18, 2007
Otherwise known as "Kurich". A Kurich/Couric is a unit of weight equal to 2.578 pounds, or 1.169 kilogram. This unit of weight is used by the European Fecal Standards And Measurements to measure the weight of feces. This term was made popular by South Park Episode 1009: More Crap.
The current record is 2.6346 Kurichs/courics, confirmed on 2/15/2006 in Austria.
by Super Spic October 14, 2007
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