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The man who lost america for Britain. Almost as much of an idiot as Neville Chamberlain.
Cornwallis was one of the worst Britons ever. He should have joined France.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
when you take a corn covered shit on someone's chest or face.
i cornwallised your mama last night.
by Luciano Moretti February 06, 2008
used to describe a person, place, thing, event, action that seemingly makes little to no sense, whatsoever; can be used to describe retardedness; describes someone whom has surrendered to their stupidity
Dude, that guy is so drunk that he's spilling beer on everyone! That's Cornwallis as shit, bro.

Man, that girl's #yolo attitude is gonna land her straight at the schmeschmorsion clinic. Total Cornwallis, she is.
by the euroWonder May 29, 2012
a term used to describe someones a**hole. or just their general unpleasant demeanor.
"That guy over there is a real Cornwallis."
"Holy crap bro, your breath smells like a bag full of cornwallises!"
"I'm going to kick that guy right in his cornwallis."
by smokey mcsmokersun February 03, 2010
1.) a mixed martial arts fighter, who's actual christened name blows. 2.) a General in the movie "patriot". 3.) a stinky queer. 4.) a half irish, half jew, but slightly italian drunk.
"holy shit cornwallis you cant just kill innocent people!?
by Fomede August 31, 2009
one who willingly surrenders to an act of self-degradation, generally through the act of desperate, rigid sexual contact

Thomas: "I heard that Marcia from accounting showed up at Martin's for the GBW."
Richard: "That is also what I heard."
Harrison: "Yes, she is definitely a Cornwallis."

"Make love to me, William. I am your Cornwallis."
"You certainly know how to set the mood, Patrick."
"I know. Now grab the whips and chains."

Gentleman, steer clear of Paris. She is not only the crustacean transportation but also a Cornwallis...the city, I mean.
by Danfield January 15, 2007
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