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Seriously twisted, fucked up situation/person/place/thing.
This is one confuckered website!
by WeirdAuntMartha November 01, 2003
The feeling of being both confused and f*cked.

• Volunteering for something you have no idea about.
• Getting in trouble and trying to figure out why but you know it can't be something good.

• Realizing today is the due date on a paper you got the first week of the semester and have completely forgotten about until today...etc.

Also, acting confused and claiming you don't know anything when you know you did something wrong and you know your f*cked either way.

• Your girlfriend finds pictures that were "accidentally" sent you you in your phone.

• Your boyfriend finds "really old" messages on your FB from an Ex.
(After volunteering to reprogram your bosses computer a week after starting a new job) "What the hell did I do? I'm so confuckered."
by emilynashea May 23, 2014

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