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To be confused beyond all help.
Guy 1: Did you get #12 on the Trigonometry test?
Guy 2: No dude, I was totally confucked!
by Imanasaur January 16, 2011
To conform, but in the end, not benefiting at all, and instead getting screwed over. Hence the term, confucked.
The government wants you to conform by paying your taxes, going to work or school everyday, and buying health insurance, but in reality, you're getting confucked.
by catfood69 May 11, 2016
mixture of fucked and confused. use wisely:
you are one confucked mofo.
wow that chem test really confucked me.
by Nora Sexy Thang January 14, 2004
describes the feeling of being to fucking confused.
wow, guys, im too confucked to do anything else.
by iwillbohnyou February 08, 2005
This is what happens when you are both confused and fucked at the same time.
I went to the Dr. today and he told me I had "Jumping Frenchman Disorder", I was totally confucked.
by humantheory November 07, 2011
As per Marlayna "Kitten" Alfonso confucked is a combination of the words "confused" and "fucked" so when you're confucked you're so confused by a situation that you're fucked.
Got damnit I'm lost in Hialeah I'm confucked.
by GWPtheTrilogy June 29, 2014
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